Bidet Toilet Seat Fitment Guide

Bidet Toilet Seat Fitment Guide

Interested in purchasing a bidet toilet seat but have no idea on where to start? Well you've made it to the right place. Let's get you measured!


Start Here: Determine Your Toilet Type 

Toilets come in two forms. You will either have a 2 Piece Standard Toilet (most common) that separates the tank from the bowl, or a 1 Piece Sculpted Unit


If you're looking to buy an entire new toilet, check out our Bidet Toilet Combinations.

These units come fully equipped with a toilet that has a bidet added into the build.


So what does it mean if I have a 1 Piece or 2 Piece Toilet?

2 Piece- You're in luck! Most bidet toilet seats will fit your toilet! You simply have to decide between an Elongated or Round bowl. 

1 Piece- Your selection is a little more limited. Depending on toilet shape, a bidet seat may or may not fit. If you're unsure, we're a call away! You can also email us a photo too! 800-815-2044 Email:


Step 2: It's Measurement time! We promise it's simple and pain-free!


Typically, Elongated bowls will measure above 18" and Round bowls will measure between 16.5"- 17.5"

Congrats on your decision to purchase a bidet toilet seat or completely upgrading with a Bidet Toilet Combination

Either way, you'll ask yourself what took so long to join the bidet family! It's a life changing, squeaky clean experience!

We're here to help! Please feel free to contact us by phone (800) 815-2044

or email (send us a message)